Dental Fillings in Pearland TX

Dental Fillings in Pearland TX

Tooth-colored fillings are used for a variety of dental restorations, such as filling cavities, reshaping chipped teeth, reducing gaps between the teeth, treating cracked teeth, etc. They are made either from composite resin or dental-grade ceramic material. Their simple nature makes them the most sought-after treatment option for restoring decayed teeth.

What are the advantages of fillings?

  • Fillings offer excellent sealing properties. When placed in the cavity, they prevent reinfection by entirely covering it and keeping the microbes from entering the cavity.
  • Fillings offer excellent durability. Over several years of use, their rate of wear will still be negligible.
  • The procedure involved in bonding fillings is quite a simple one. It can be completed in a single visit to the dentist's practice.
  • The dentist won't remove any natural tissues from the tooth during the preparation phase, such as in the case of crowns and veneers.
  • Fillings can be customized to mimic the exact appearance of the natural teeth. Their color, texture, and transparency are some of the customizable factors.

How are fillings placed?

When you visit us for the consultation, the dentist will thoroughly diagnose your oral condition and determine the best treatment solution. In case there are tartar deposits or decayed tissues on the tooth, the dentist removes them using an ultrasonic scaling device. It has a metal tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, thereby allowing the dentist to dislodge the deposits. A jet of water will be used to wash away the removed debris.

Next, the dentist applies an etching solution on the tooth and allows it to roughen the surface. This is done to ensure the filling material bonds well to the tooth surface and prevent it from slipping or falling off. The filling will be matched with the enamel to customize its color, texture, and transparency. Once the final material is prepared, it will be placed in the tooth and shaped accordingly. A curing light is used to harden it, after which the dentist may conduct a bite test and trim excessive material. It will be polished to enhance its appearance.

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