Root Canal Treatment in Pearland TX

Root Canal Treatment in Pearland TX

A root canal infection is one of the most severe oral conditions that can potentially upset your entire oral health. This is caused by the entry of microbes into the root canal cavity that infects and decays the dental pulp. Due to this, the tooth might require extraction; otherwise, the infection could spread to the surrounding tissues as well.

What causes a root canal infection?

  • The primary cause of root canal infection is cavities. The microbes in the mouth can erode the enamel, decay the deeper layers of the teeth, and enter the root canal cavity to cause infection.
  • External trauma to the mouth can damage the teeth by causing chipping, cracks, or fracture. The microbes in the mouth could enter the root canal cavity through the cracks.
  • Sometimes, the microbes can enter the root canal through the tooth roots. This is possible when the patient develops gum diseases or other oral infections.

What are the symptoms?

  • The infected tooth tends to become extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods.
  • The gums around the infected tooth may discharge pus and bleed due to the decaying tissues. They may recede below the ideal gum line.
  • Over a prolonged period, the bone underneath the infected tooth could deteriorate or wear. Due to this, the tooth could loosen from its socket and fall off.
  • Patients may experience severe bad breath.
  • Severe pain in the tooth when you bite or chew food.

How is it treated?

The dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth and place a rubber dam on them. This is done to isolate the infected tooth from the rest. Next, a hole will be made in the tooth using high-precision dental instruments. Slender dental files of varying sizes will be inserted into the hole to remove the infected pulp. The files will also be used to scrub the walls of the cavity. A jet of water washes away the removed debris, after which the dentist places the antimicrobial medication in the cavity and seals it using filling material.

After a few days, a ceramic crown will be placed on the treated tooth. This ensures the tooth doesn’t crack or crumble when you bite or chew food.

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