Traditional Braces in Pearland TX

Traditional Braces in Pearland TX

Dental braces are the most sought-after and popular solution to treating malocclusion. They are known to solve some of the most complicated teeth misalignment issues. The common misconception about dental braces is that they are very expensive and aren’t really meant for everyone. However, this isn’t true at all.

Orthodontic treatment wouldn’t cost a lot of money unless your condition is too complicated, and a lot of diagnosis and treatment is involved. Getting affordable braces at Manhattan dental wouldn’t burn a hole in your pockets, and the best part is that they are of excellent quality and help you get to the smile that you’ve always been dreaming of.

Why is treating misaligned teeth essential?

A considerable proportion of Americans suffer from some form of malocclusion, but a small fraction of them seek professional orthodontic attention. Here is why this could become more complicated if left untreated and cost you a lot more in monetary terms:

  • Cleaning crooked teeth, i.e., brushing and flossing, isn’t easy. Even after a thorough cleaning, many microbes are left behind on them, which can increase the chances of developing cavities and discoloration.
  • Misaligned teeth endure varying levels of pressure, which can easily lead to toothache, pain in the jaws, neck, and shoulders. When the condition worsens, it can even cause the wear of the teeth and possible jawbone deterioration.
  • The unequal forces applied on the teeth can have an impact on the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This can lead to severe pain in the joints and cause TMJ disorder.
  • Most important of all, misaligned teeth can have a negative impact on a person’s self-confidence. People with malocclusion would usually feel too self-conscious and uncomfortable while interacting with people.

What are dental braces?

Dental braces are the most commonly used orthodontic appliances. They solve almost any type of misalignment issue, including some of the most complicated ones, such as crossbite, overbite, etc. Braces consist of plastic wires and brackets. Metal or ceramic brackets are fixed to the teeth using dental adhesives. They are connected with the help of plastic wires, which apply pressure on the teeth to move them gradually.

Why Manhattan dental?

In some instances, orthodontic treatment can fail due to faulty or poor-quality appliances. Complications due to improper pressure applied on the teeth, loosening of the wires and brackets, pain due to extreme pressure and resistance during the treatment, etc. can be encountered due to faulty braces.

At Manhattan dental, we only provide dental-grade stainless steel braces that last for a long time (certainly for the entire treatment period). In case you prefer a much aesthetic option, we can provide you with clear aligners that do a great job of staying in disguise.

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