Oral Sedation Dentistry in Pearland TX

Oral Sedation Dentistry in Pearland TX

Sedation is a significant part of dentistry as we use it for slightly complicated procedures. Sedatives are used to numb the tissues of the oral cavity, such as the teeth, gums, soft inner lining of the mouth, and the jawbone. Procedures that can be painful or cause discomfort to the patient will require sedation. Depending on the requirement, we use different types of sedatives, such as Nitrous oxide, oral sedative pills, and IV sedation.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or popularly known as laughing gas, is one of the mildest sedatives that we use in dentistry. Dentists most often use nitrous oxide when patients feel too nervous during the treatment and have a difficult time staying still in the dental chair. Also, younger patients who tend to make a fuss during the treatment can be given a small dosage of nitrous oxide to keep them calm and composed. The drug induces a soothing feeling and makes even the most ordinary things appear funny. It doesn’t have any known side-effects and eventually wears off with time.

Oral sedation

When dentists want to induce a mild state of unconsciousness, they usually prefer oral sedation in the form of pills. A few minutes before the procedure, the dentist prescribes a specific dosage of oral sedatives. The patient slips into a semi-conscious state after consuming the pills, so they faintly remember the procedure.

IV sedation

IV sedation is the preferred method for procedures that are more complicated or require a deeper level of unconsciousness. The drug is injected into the vein to achieve a more intense sedative effect. Dental treatment procedures that can be painful, such as implant placement, gum grafting, bone graft, extractions, etc. require IV sedation. Patients usually do not have any memory of what happens during it as they will be in a deep sleep.

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