Inlays and Onlays in Pearland TX

Inlays and Onlays in Pearland TX

The teeth can undergo severe decay due to microbial action in the mouth. When the size of the cavity is too big, it isn't recommended to restore it using a filling material as it could reduce the tooth's strength. Hence, we use inlays to restore teeth with big cavities. Onlays, on the other hand, are used to restore a severely worn out cusp of a tooth. They are bonded to the tooth using dental adhesives.

What are the advantages of inlays and onlays?

  • Inlays help to restore the strength of the decayed tooth. They restore almost 90% of the original strength of the tooth.
  • Placing fillings in big cavities could result in the tooth cracking after a few days. But, inlays are custom-fabricated to match the contour of the cavity and hence, will hold the tooth intact.
  • When the biting surface of a tooth wears, patients will not be able to bite and chew food effectively. Placing an onlay will help to restore oral functionality.
  • The procedures for placing inlays and onlays are quite simple and less time-consuming.
  • Both inlays and onlays are fabricated from dental-grade ceramic material. Their appearance can be customized to match that of the natural teeth, which keeps anyone from distinguishing them.
  • They last for several years together without hassle, provided you care for them well.

What is the procedure involved?

During the first consultation, the dentist will examine the teeth visually and may take oral scans and x-rays to get a better view. Based on the observations made, the dentist will prepare your teeth for the treatment. They will be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected by removing any decay or tartar deposits on its surface.

The scans taken can be used to serve as a reference for fabricating the restorations. The dentist will apply a suitable etching liquid on the teeth to roughen their surfaces. This allows the ceramic restorations to adhere well to the teeth and keeps them from slipping. Dental adhesives are used to bond them to the tooth, after which a curing light is used to harden it. A bite test determines any issues with the patient's bite, and if any changes are required, the dentist will make them.

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