Teeth Whitening in Pearland TX

Teeth Whitening in Pearland TX

Wouldn’t you want to put forth a bright and beautiful smile every time you meet your loved ones? The increase in confidence brought by a gorgeous smile is amazing, and we strive hard to give that to every one of our patients. If you’re having a hard time smiling due to your dull and discolored teeth, our teeth whitening solutions are the perfect way to make them look whiter!

What is teeth whitening?

As you go about your everyday activities, various factors such as your brushing techniques, eating habits, oral hygiene, use of tobacco, etc. influence your teeth. In some cases, the teeth naturally turn dull with aging or excessive wear of the enamel. Such patients can get their teeth whitened using our whitening solutions.

How is teeth whitening carried out?

Depending on the severity of staining, the whitening level you require, and the way the procedure is carried out, teeth whitening can be classified into the following:

In-house teeth whitening: This procedure is carried out in a dental practice under the dentist’s supervision. A whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide will be applied on the teeth and spread evenly. The gel liberates oxygen molecules that enter the porous structure of the teeth and neutralize the staining particles by bleaching them. After a few minutes, the gel can be rinsed off, and the procedure may be repeated to get a higher level of whitening.

At-home teeth whitening: As the name suggests, this procedure can be carried out at home by the patients themselves. However, you will have to visit the dentist’s practice to get your customized plastic trays and whitening gel. When you take them home, apply a small amount of whitening gel in each compartment of the tray, spread it evenly, and place them on your teeth. These trays avoid dilution by the saliva, thereby rendering better and long-lasting results.

Laser teeth whitening: Laser teeth whitening is an advanced whitening solution that uses photosensitive whitening gel. After the gel is applied on the teeth, it will be activated using a laser of a specific intensity. This speeds up the procedure and provides more impressive and long-lasting results.

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